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12:59 OpenGFX+ Landscape Bug #8545 (New): Russian translation
Snow line heights appear to be translated incorrectly in Russian, i.e. 0 =1 etc.


21:20 FIRS Industry Replacement Set Feature Request #8516: Buoys
Took a stab at this myself, attached grf is a quick test which replaces the standard buoy so you can place one next t...


16:20 OpenGFX+ Airports Bug #8533: Hanger walls overlap planes
Comparison screenie of the base set airport.
16:18 OpenGFX+ Airports Bug #8533 (New): Hanger walls overlap planes
Inner wall of the small airport hanger is drawn on top of aircraft: this is not the case with normal base set hangers...
10:29 OpenGFX+ Airports Feature #8532 (New): Minor bugs
Small airport taxiways are slightly out (need moving down 1px), I've edited the png as this seemed like the easiest s...
09:47 OpenGFX Feature #8531 (New): Reworked airports
Various improvements made to the airports:
- Climate-specific grass
- Use improved hangers from OpenGFX+ Airports...


22:29 OpenGFX+ Airports Code Review #8529 (New): Credits
Next time someone updates the documentation, can I please get a credit for my work on the small modern airport (featu...


08:37 OpenGFX Feature #8518: Tropical oil wells
Sprites & code
08:36 OpenGFX Feature #8518 (New): Tropical oil wells
Tropical oil wells have a desert ground tile which look out of place in rainforest areas. Maybe better to use a semi-...
07:21 FIRS Industry Replacement Set Bug #8517 (Closed): Water colours used in large crane
Bulk terminal large cranes have some rogue water cycle pixels. All four crane sprites affected, not just the one show...

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