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18:26 2ccts Bug #8588 (New): dbg: [grf] Unhandled vehicle variable 0x61, type 0x0
Hi. I have been trying to play in a server that uses JGR patchpack version 0.27.0. and several newgrfs, one of them b...


11:20 2ccts Bug #8570 (New): Not all cargoes can be transported during generation shifts
When a new generation of wagons comes around, some wagons expire before their successor becomes available, resulting ...
11:19 2ccts Bug #8569 (New): Passenger coach availability
The first 3 generations of passenger coaches are available from 1830, but none are available in 1890, check introduct...


19:00 2ccts Bug #8566 (New): MU wagons don't have running costs
MU wagons don't have running costs, despite being set in the code.


16:44 2ccts Revision 910:54db9f6b9dfd (2ccts): Release: 3.0-alpha2
16:43 2ccts Revision 909:acc69ce252e6 (2ccts): Doc: Changelog for 3.0-alpha2


17:59 2ccts Bug #8564 (Closed): Some MU
Applied in changeset 2ccts|commit:f29db0a3cfad.
17:52 2ccts Revision 908:f29db0a3cfad (2ccts): Fix #8564: MU wagon capacity switch used the HEAD_CAPACITY ins...
17:50 2ccts Bug #8561: Capacity drop for vehicles with default cargo "Goods"
Needs investigating, but as it isn't breaking, will be done at a later time.
17:49 2ccts Bug #8565 (Assigned): No coaches available between Gen 1 and Gen 2
There is a period of time where no passenger coaches are available between Gen 1 and Gen 2. Increase lifetimes or som...

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