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16:13 2ccts Bug #8498 (Assigned): Vehicle life
This set have a huge flaw: many locomotives have engine...


20:26 2ccts Bug #8444: Capacity wrong for metro wagons
#8441 has been merged, but I will need to check if this is now resolved (it should be).
20:25 2ccts Bug #8455 (Closed): ETR 300 speed
Applied in changeset 2ccts|commit:7ecc71582436.
20:25 2ccts Support #8441 (Closed): Recode
Applied in changeset 2ccts|commit:e8582513a04a.
20:24 2ccts Revision 886:7ecc71582436 (2ccts): Fix #8455: ETR 300 speed reduction to 200 km/h
20:23 2ccts Revision 885:e8582513a04a (2ccts): Merge with default (closes #8441)


06:35 2ccts Bug #8455 (Closed): ETR 300 speed
The ETR 300 speed should be 200 km/h instead of 300.


16:40 2ccts Bug #8444: Capacity wrong for metro wagons
This will be fixed when I merge the results from #8441 into the set. I leave this issue open until then.


10:21 2ccts Revision 882:dfcc36ab5a2e (2ccts): Change r872: Move MU wagon purchase texts to separate file
09:59 2ccts Revision 881:7daad52d278b (2ccts): Fix r872: MU wagon running costs

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