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20:55 2ccts Bug #8562 (Confirmed): Some MU's have 0 capacity MU wagons
Some MU wagons don't have a capacity when in their consist, as the following line is applied to those vehicles:


17:00 2ccts Bug #8561 (New): Capacity drop for vehicles with default cargo "Goods"
Wagons with Goods as the default cargo, see a capacity drop when refitted to something else.
16:58 2ccts Feature Request #8560 (New): Balancing
> This has been my go-to train set for ages and is stil...
16:56 2ccts Feature Request #7922 (Closed): B units in longer trains
Implemented in r904.


11:58 2ccts Revision 906:5d83e5210811 (2ccts): Release: 3.0-alpha1
11:58 2ccts Revision 905:0dd173407e15 (2ccts): Doc: Changelog for 3.0-alpha1
11:27 2ccts Revision 904:2dd144e94980 (2ccts): Corrected B-unit sprites


11:37 2ccts Revision 903:22c737650140 (2ccts): Codechange: Compatible version update
11:36 2ccts Revision 902:d2874cf9f5bb (2ccts): Feature #7922: B-unit behavior changed to also have back A and...
10:22 2ccts Feature Request #7922: B units in longer trains
Decided to go with repeating ABBA, including visual effects on all A parts.

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