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11:37 2ccts Revision 903:22c737650140 (2ccts): Codechange: Compatible version update
11:36 2ccts Revision 902:d2874cf9f5bb (2ccts): Feature #7922: B-unit behavior changed to also have back A and...
10:22 2ccts Feature Request #7922: B units in longer trains
Decided to go with repeating ABBA, including visual effects on all A parts.
10:20 2ccts Bug #8444 (Closed): Capacity wrong for metro wagons
10:19 2ccts Bug #8330 (Rejected): 5th gen boxcar graphics swapped
Should it come up again, then investigate further, for now put this on complete hold.
10:18 2ccts Bug #7816 (Rejected): Vehicles and other oversized cargo should be excluded from box cars
Will not be implemented, choice will stay with the player.
10:17 2ccts Bug #7829 (Closed): Cargo wagon weight
Applied in changeset 2ccts|commit:2f5cef773ca9.
10:17 2ccts Bug #7788 (Closed): Coach weights
Applied in changeset 2ccts|commit:33346d0a0fb9.
09:47 2ccts Revision 901:2f5cef773ca9 (2ccts): Fix #7829: Container carrier weight reduced
09:37 2ccts Revision 900:33346d0a0fb9 (2ccts): Fix #7788: Coach properties changed (suggestions by Valle)

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