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19:17 2ccts Revision 927:0718b9237f30 (2ccts): Release: 3.0-RC1
19:17 2ccts Revision 926:dd085b91a368 (2ccts): Doc: Changelog for 3.0-RC1
16:17 2ccts Bug #8645 (Closed): Availability gap between 1st and 2nd gen tanker
Applied in changeset 2ccts|commit:60e8c7725f5b.
16:17 2ccts Revision 925:60e8c7725f5b (2ccts): Fix #8645: Reduce early retirement to prevent gaps in wagon av...


17:17 Dutch Trains 2 Bug #8665 (Confirmed): V200 Diesel ID's not correct
The V200 Diesel IDs in vehicleids.pnml are not correct, they have the wrong item id in them.


06:52 Dutch Trains 2 Feature #8661 (Closed): TRAXX NS Livery
Applied in changeset commit:47e02e7870a2.
06:52 Dutch Trains 2 Feature #8659 (Closed): Change futuristic introduction dates
Applied in changeset commit:279c62c69aa3.
06:52 Dutch Trains 2 Bug #8660 (Closed): Loading times in purchase menu not correct
Applied in changeset commit:bddf0331015b.


12:09 Dutch Trains 2 Revision 997:47e02e7870a2: Feature: NS IC livery for TRAXX (graphics by Densha)(closes #8661)
11:40 Dutch Trains 2 Revision 996:279c62c69aa3: Change r990: Increase introduction date for futuristic vehicles by 15 ...

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