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22:18 NewGRF Viewer NewGRFViewer_0.1.zip
Work in progress - editing of Action 14 (only)
22:09 NewGRF Viewer Revision 29:74f62e0df221: Added tag Version 0.1 for changeset 4cafa9661bc5


22:43 NewGRF Viewer Feature #3121 (Assigned): Switch the build to static linking
Building QT4 statically does not seem to work with the SDK. The source is available separately in a .zip or .tar.gz f...
22:36 NewGRF Viewer Bug #3118 (Closed): Add support for UTF8 strings to string converter
22:36 NewGRF Viewer Code Review #3138: Consider switch from Qt classes only
QString stores its data as UTF16, but is (apparently) capable of properly handling surrogate pairs for codepoints gre...
22:32 NewGRF Viewer Bug #3118: Add support for UTF8 strings to string converter
This is implemented in revision 24:bdafd40d5cd1. The internal representation of strings (for display purposes) is mod...
22:09 NewGRF Viewer Revision 28:4cafa9661bc5: Minor changes for MSVC10 build
20:52 NewGRF Viewer Revision 27:a5d3b57e7132: Made columns emit value_changed only when it is actually changed.


22:50 NewGRF Viewer Revision 26:9cf288e32231: Minor updates to string editing - always accept \< and \n
21:10 NewGRF Viewer Revision 25:6072eb175f4f: Update 'NFO' display after each edit.

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