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00:07 OpenGFX+ Airports Revision 253:e80c0245ff7d: Fix: Forgot to commit the sprite files
00:06 OpenGFX+ Airports Revision 252:de5282fcbef1: Feature: Skid mark generation on landing runways as more planes touch ...


05:19 OpenGFX+ Airports Revision 244:d18e06c56e3b: Fix: Bump min_compatible_version


05:44 OpenGFX+ Airports Feature #3112: seaplane port
Small seaplane port added in r242. \o/
Pikka has even already drawn a couple seaplanes.
04:44 OpenGFX+ Airports Revision 242:2a480297771f: Feature: Small Seaplane Airport
04:38 OpenGFX+ Airports Revision 241:363b06025ac8: Codechange: Split Modern Small off into its own .pnml file
03:56 OpenGFX+ Airports Revision 240:ed22895f8d75: Merge
03:53 OpenGFX+ Airports Revision 239:9448da6508a3: Codechange: Proper indentation


23:02 OpenGFX+ Airport as Objects Bug #7622 (New): Change runway tiles to be childsprites rather than buildings
As can be seen in the attached picture, when runway tiles are defined as buildings, they can cause an overlap bug whe...
00:22 OpenGFX+ Airports Revision 237:a18950d3f905: Feature: Parameter to disable airport fences, optionally dependent on ...

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