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12:14 ChillCores PatchPack Bug #3487 (New): Speedsignals and PBS reservations
Using hca7f5804 speed signals seem to prevent a PBS reservation through them, thus meaning if i have:


21:52 BROS Support #3350 (Rejected): Ways to build from external repository?
(taken from [[http://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?p=981681#p981681]]
Made some commits, today, to fix some nigg...
21:45 BROS Bug #3349 (Closed): Check Commits
Pleaxe check the commits being made to BROS:
BROS / sprites / gfx / class373 / Class_373.png is a 91 in IC livery


00:55 BROS Support #2574 (Resolved): Coder AWOL


16:54 BROS Code Review #1925: backup.push to 2cc
Can you give Sacro that access then?
16:45 BROS Support #2574 (Closed): Coder AWOL
Please note that DJNekkid is AWOL. Therefore coding tasks need to be assigned to Sacro effective immediately.
I'd ...
16:42 BROS Feature #1911: class 465
as DJN is AWOL, have swapped tasks to Sacro
16:42 BROS Code Review #1925 (Assigned): backup.push to 2cc
As DJN is AWOL, have assigned this to Sacro, it needs looking at urgently imho.
16:39 BROS Bug #2481 (Rejected): Class 365 Bug
On second thought, have added this to #1897. Task closed to avoid confusion.
16:35 BROS Feature #1897: Class 365
-#2481- Class 365 should be dual-voltage but the symbol shows it as overhead only.

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