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01:42 VAST Objects Feature #6257 (New): Ground placeholders
- Replace the hard surface placeholder. Maybe some middle-greyish concrete.
- Replace the grass placeholder. Maybe a...
01:39 VAST Objects Feature #6254 (New): Gardens: Snow
Trees already have dead states. They will need at least one snow state each per heightlevel.
01:36 VAST Objects Bug #4916 (Closed): Improper action colors
Fixed in 0.3.0
00:08 VAST Objects Revision 31:e171aba0cee4: Added tag 0.3.0 for changeset 7c8d9da45ad1


23:55 VAST Objects Revision 30:7c8d9da45ad1: Update: Missed a copyright header
23:54 VAST Objects Revision 29:61e398c2adef: Update: Minor corrections to readme
23:45 VAST Objects Revision 28:8344bc2b2062: Update: Bump internal versions just in case
23:39 VAST Objects Revision 27:8a8d51db189f: Update: Point URL to TTF thread
23:30 VAST Objects Revision 26:b5d14e5ca1f2: Add: Readme
23:30 VAST Objects Revision 25:ecf15a21b555: Update: Target r25230

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