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14:41 OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles Bug #4047 (New): Autorefit is free
See http://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?p=1031827#p1031827


09:20 Base Costs Mod Feature #4027 (Closed): Conversion to NewGRF V8
A conversion to NewGRF V8 would allow to ignore all of the "also affects" restrictions and to make the parameters of ...
09:18 Base Costs Mod Feature #4026 (Closed): Missing base costs
Base costs included in OpenTTD 1.2.X are missing from this NewGRF. See: http://newgrf-specs.tt-wiki.net/wiki/BaseCosts


15:39 OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles Feature Request #3544 (Closed): FS#4975 - Buses engine's power
15:33 OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles Feature #4009: Lithuanian translation
Thank you for your work! :)
Your translation has been committed in r159, and it will be included in the new stable...


21:36 OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles Feature Request #3544: FS#4975 - Buses engine's power
See http://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=51326&p=1020449#p1020449
15:37 OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles Feature #1880: Graphical support for new cargos
I guess that we can use this issue for 32bpp sprites. I'm attaching an updated cargo support file with space for 32bp...
14:47 OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles Bug #2134: very small 2cc patch in toyland climate
With the introduction of random recolouring for trucks carrying containers, there are no 2CC vehicles in default clim...
14:21 OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles Feature #2688 (Closed): Random recolouring
10:37 DevZone Help Center filetypes.NML.conf
Data for NML highlighting on Geany (updated to NML r1887)

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