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14:08 Finnish Trainset Bug #8004: Autorefit broken
Broken again in build 6516.
13:26 FRISS - Rail Infrastructure Bug #8504 (Closed): Unlimited rail
The option to make 220 km/h rail unlimited should be returned since it's useful when using multiple trainsets.
12:32 FRISS - Rail Infrastructure Bug #8503 (New): Metro rail
Metro rail should replace monorail instead of 110 km/h siding for gameplay reasons.
12:26 Finnish Trainset Feature #6098: Cargo classes
Elo should be able to carry SGBT.
Vtad and Uac should be able to carry FMSP (Fertiliser) and BDMT (Cement).
FIRS Al...


15:11 Finnish Trainset Feature #7553: Rescaling
Some long freight wagons that might need rescaling:
Uac 18.8m
Vof 19.6m
Vofa 25.9m
Occ 20.6m
Fat 20.7m
Snpss ...


16:42 Finnish Trainset Feature #8501: Ek
juzza1 wrote:
> Upload the sprites in png or xcf.
16:21 Finnish Trainset Feature #8501 (New): Ek
Ek local coach series 927-976 and 1017-1116, build year 1926-1946, 190 coaches, 61 passengers, 3rd class, 27 tons, le...


17:31 Finnish Trainset Bug #8131 (New): Tanker capacities finetuning
Some of the tanker wagons have wrong capacities based on the payload. Below are fixed value based on information foun...


12:06 Finnish Trainset Bug #8004 (Closed): Autorefit broken
No vehicles can be autorefitted in the latest nightly 5861.


23:27 Finnish Trainset Feature #6327: Early coaches to be done
-E can be recoloured to become D:
-Ge luggage wagon to be done
-C colour to be find ou...

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