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00:58 Library: Queue.FibonacciHeap Bug #6816 (New): Port to Game Script
Can the updates in v.3 be ported to the Game Script version of this library, and the updated version be uploaded to B...


21:39 NewGRF Meta Language Feature Request #5411: Colored shell output for warnings / errors
I don't think curses is available for Windows. However, if you use a module like Colorama ( https://pypi.python.org/p...


18:55 Progressive Train Set Feature Request #6152 (Closed): Add JAVA support
Add support of JAVA (Coffee) cargo


05:06 Progressive Train Set Feature Request #5351 (New): Different front and back sprites for MU's
Make it so different sprites show up for the front and back of various MU's (multiunits).
This effects E07, M01, A01...
04:59 Progressive Train Set Bug #5348 (New): Motorworks Voyager Purchase Image is Backwards
04:55 Progressive Train Set Revision 28:9d181be7ec54: [Fix] graphic alignment for A07 - ElecroMover Emerald
04:18 Progressive Train Set Revision 27:3983ee958312: [Feature] Add A09 - Constallation Orion MkII
03:45 Progressive Train Set Revision 26:1ac352db0943: [Feature] Add A01 - Constallation Orion


21:13 Progressive Train Set Revision 25:f5b078dfdd98: [Fix] graphic alignment for A03 - FLO Luminance


20:36 Progressive Train Set Revision 24:b5c9b1aa0526: [Fix] finish fixing corrupt HG repo

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