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01:00 DevZone Help Center Support #8657 (New): SSH key
Somehow my public key isn't on here right now, so here you go. It would be nice to be able to upload them myself like...
00:53 NuTracks Bug #8644 (Feedback): Cannot create new translation language
It should work now if you've been approved as a translator for the DevZone globally. Note that there are some string ...
00:51 NuTracks Bug #8499 (Closed): Appoint translators
Via member inheritance
00:47 NuTracks Feature #8422 (Rejected): Fence selection
No way to specify "fall back to default" -> TMWFTLB
00:46 NuTracks Feature #8417 (Rejected): Change track bed color depending on traction type
Hard enough to keep variations sensible and distinct as is.
00:45 NuTracks Feature #2712 (Rejected): New depot sprites
Out of scope IMO, and would break generic depot replacement GRFs.
00:44 NuTracks Feature #8423 (Closed): Restore old HSL track graphics
Done - to be uploaded
00:43 NuTracks Bug #8416 (Closed): Horizontal fences
Should be fixed now


20:00 NuTracks Feature #8419 (Rejected): Upgrade X crossings when overbuilding a cheaper track type
Not really a good idea, for the reasons mentioned in the post


11:48 NuTracks Bug #7923 (Closed): parameter granularity of construction and maintenance costs works weirdly
Applied in changeset commit:20a383b1a722.

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