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22:57 World Airliners Set Bug #4209 (Assigned): Fix Quality Issues
Resolve the issues brought up by the Quality Audit.
22:55 World Airliners Set Bug #4193 (Closed): Graphics Quality Control (Whole Set)
Quality control finished. Issue closed.


18:03 BROS Bug #1215: Set is not done yet :P
The amount of nfo done is still 0%. I thought you were better than that, Andy.


23:03 World Airliners Set Bug #546 (Closed): ECS/FIRS Compatibility
Make passenger aircraft refitable to tourists and freight aircraft compatible refit to all ECS and FIRS cargoes.


18:47 World Airliners Set Feature #232 (Closed): Tu144 Greyscale
Needs sorting - reallignment, etc.


22:07 World Airliners Set Feature #173 (Closed): Finish the Malev F70


22:28 World Airliners Set Bug #179 (Closed): Sort out "flashing" orange problems on easyjet and Iberia
Find an orange which does not flash in the game.
22:11 World Airliners Set Feature #176 (Closed): Redo Astraeus 737-700
Again, a GKS creation.
22:10 World Airliners Set Feature #175 (Closed): Redo Aer Lingus 737-200
It was GKS's (read shite)
22:08 World Airliners Set Feature #173 (Closed): Finish the Malev F70
Continue with the paintscheme. Already partially completed.

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