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07:59 Dutch Trains 2 Feature #3812: Cargo wagons template & purchase
Large Goods Van and Selfdischarger miss the last sprite (bottom-right).


12:01 Dutch Trains 2 Feature #3685: review sparks/smoke
foobar wrote:
> 1: no, sparks can only be repositioned in length, not in height.
And I guess it's not possible to...
11:58 Dutch Trains 2 Bug #3818: Cannot use different liveries for different MUs in the same train
Does coupling a train in the depot (dragging one train behind another one) reset the livery refit? What happens when ...
11:56 Dutch Trains 2 Feature Request #3817: Option to have no cab control with ICR/DDM
I guess this applies to DDAR coaches coupled behind an engine too?
11:54 Dutch Trains 2 Feature #3810: TGV template+depot
1. These sprites aren't shaded yet
(assign issue to Voyager?)
(the 2ccSet version is shaded, recoloring...
09:01 Dutch Trains 2 Feature #3806: ICM Templating
Mahoo76 wrote:
> Noticed I credited Purno. According to the infosheet, this should be Mark Leppen. This is a correct...
09:00 Dutch Trains 2 Support #3795: Purchase menu sprites specification
Transportman wrote:
> TGV done (but not yet to be included due to uncertainty about drawer+license). http://dev.open...


13:08 Dutch Trains 2 Feature #3686: ingame helptexts
1. How about using the typically Dutch "stoptrein/sneltrein/intercity" terms instead of the default "local passengers...
13:00 Dutch Trains 2 Feature #3685: review sparks/smoke
1. Is it possible to let metro spark at the bottom of the vehicle (where it connects to the 3rd rail)?
2. EMUs shoul...


13:00 Dutch Trains 2 Bug #3189: Wrong Speed TRAXX
It is possible we intentionally did this to offer a gameplay upgrade over the other engines. Since almost all engines...

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