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13:04 OpenGFX Mars Revision 53:0817a7521747 (opengfx-mars): Update/Add: Also add the URLs via https
11:39 OpenGFX Mars Colonies Revision 63:5a67ec641605 (opengfx-mars-houses): Fix: [Makefile] Don't fail on unexpected unix2dos...
11:24 OpenGFX Mars Revision 52:3dd72edd2553 (opengfx-mars): Update/Add: is a valid URL to ...


14:14 DevZone Help Center Membership #8629: Applying as programmer
You got an invite over there
12:02 OpenGFX Source repository moved
The main repository of OpenGFX moved to GitHub to alongside OpenTTD itself.
It now is found at
10:28 DevZone Help Center Membership #8629: Applying as programmer
Hi, I shall have no problem granting you access. All it needs is a valid ssh key so that you can be given commit righ...


15:17 OpenGFX Revision 1139:f94a53de03ce: Added tag 0.5.5 for changeset 3428f26e5063
15:11 OpenGFX Revision 1138:3428f26e5063: Update: Changelog for 0.5.5
14:36 OpenGFX Revision 1137:341c7e926ee2: Update: Credits
14:26 OpenGFX Revision 1136:4aa462951e43: Fix (h6f74041189f2): Sprite sizes and offset were partially wrong (Br...

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