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14:10 Dutch Road Furniture Feature #6104 (Rejected): Different colours for signs and gantry


14:39 Useless Tracks Bug #4214 (Closed): Planning tracks third and fourth toolbar icon and cursors swapped
Applied in changeset commit:cf5b29cb5000.
12:01 Dutch Tram Set Bug #4892 (Closed): Depot+vehicle information sprites error
Applied in changeset commit:899676b7c1e5.


20:17 Dutch Tram Set Feature #2845: Trailers 600-629
Built in 1912, used until 1959.
14:59 2cc Trams Feature #6990 (Closed): Simplified tram availability
Applied in changeset commit:4008751ab1f2.
13:08 2cc Trams Bug #7763 (Closed): Cargo capacities equal to passenger capacities
Applied in changeset commit:b34f0962463a.
13:07 2cc Trams Bug #7763 (Feedback): Cargo capacities equal to passenger capacities
Decided to go with a factor 16 instead of 13. 16 is the default TTD factor (a passenger in TTD weighs 62.5 kg (137.8 ...


18:30 Dutch Road Furniture Feature #7774 (New): All lanes closed for matrix signs
18:29 Dutch Road Furniture Feature Request #3570 (Rejected): highway and speed signs in combination with a hard shoulder tile
I don't remember what this was again. There are highway signs with hard shoulder start/end, so that should be fine I ...


16:09 Dutch Road Furniture Feature Request #3829 (Closed): Direction sign for provincial roads
Applied in changeset commit:9e7c728d1764.

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