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20:58 OpenGFX Mars Bug #8257 (New): Misaligned sprites
Almost all sprites are very poorly aligned, if at all:
This causes the vehicles to...
11:17 OpenGFX Mars Tracks and Trains Bug #8256 (New): Maglev track sprite
The sprites for the maglev tracks in | and / positions have a small edge of pink, red and blue pixels. It's very pron...


19:53 DevZone Help Center Membership #8254 (Closed): Applying as translator
Hello, I would like to become a translator.
I live in the Netherlands and have learned to speak Esperanto fluently...


20:28 DevZone Help Center Membership #8224 (Closed): Applying for project: Modern Maglev Trains
Hello, I would like to request a project on your DevZone, my work is or will be GPL and therefore legitimate to be ho...

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