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19:36 OpenGFX Bug #7670: No module named 'nml'
No, same exception. Also tried the previous wrapper script.
[ 46s] + nmlc --version
[ 46s] Traceback (most re...
12:21 OpenGFX Bug #7670 (New): No module named 'nml'
So I updated python3, updated nml, disabled the broken make docs (see #7669) but it still fails to build for me


11:47 OpenGFX Bug #7669 (Closed): Makefile:373: recipe for target 'docs/readme.txt' failed
I am trying to package this for openSUSE Linux so unix2dos is backwards there, but it is also failing the build which...


13:40 NewGRF Meta Language Bug #7637 (Rejected): NML 4.1 fails to compile
Tried to update the packages for openSUSE games, but failed....

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