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16:04 CityBuilder GS Feature #7380 (Closed): Croatian translation
16:01 CityBuilder GS Revision 85:ba50c7d44b7d (citybuilder-gs): Updated changelog and readme
15:53 CityBuilder GS Bug #8642 (Closed): Cannot finish translation - string empty not allowed
Not a bug. Empty string do not need translations. Simply delete that from translation file.
15:49 CityBuilder GS Revision 84:a7c843f920df (citybuilder-gs): Korean language push
15:48 CityBuilder GS Revision 83:0f1fc2bec935 (citybuilder-gs): gs simple CB
2021-04-17 updates to rev 11
- industry cargo sets presets
- support new 64 cargo limit
- one change in language file...


11:01 CityBuilder GS Bug #8508 (Closed): Grammar issues in English local
11:01 CityBuilder GS Bug #8509 (Closed): Please add LICENSE.txt
10:51 CityBuilder GS Bug #8509: Please add LICENSE.txt
Licence file added (it was already in bananas archive, but apparently missing in repository)
10:49 CityBuilder GS Revision 67:3724d3692afc (citybuilder-gs): Version increased for bananas upload
Licence file added
English file grammar fixed


12:14 CityBuilder GS Revision 27:db4535707926 (citybuilder-gs): New version

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