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Reported issues: 308


10:11 2ccts Bug #8354 (Closed): 2 small bugs
2 small bugs I've noticed, both my drawing errors - new files attached that correct all.
HZ 6112 had a small misal...


17:21 Webtranslator Bug #7958 (New): Save changes & get next string button not working
When there is an outdated string (that needs to be corrected) but the translated string is already OK so I make no ch...


11:03 2ccts Bug #7857: FEVE 2400 "Apollos" Misalignment
You could have written what is misaligned... ;)
Found the error, corrected file here...


10:59 2ccts Feature #7813: V1 additions 07-10/2015
> Can we close #7713 as this one is the continuation of it?
This is the latest batch, a continuation of those marc...


18:47 2ccts Bug #7757: FS ALn668 should be a railbus
OK, ALn 668 redrawn as railbus. Transportman, please erase the previos DMU-coded thing completely from them set and a...


10:39 2ccts Feature #7813 (Closed): V1 additions 07-10/2015
Last batch... finally... :)


15:29 2cc Trams Bug #7804 (New): Vienna Ultra Low Floor
One or two sprites were misaligned.
Corrected file here.


09:42 2cc Trams Bug #7759: Misalignment in depot
ALL are actually misaligned. It seems like it is used the P-menu sprite instead of a sprite made of all single sprite...
09:40 2cc Trams Bug #7759 (Closed): Misalignment in depot
Multiple unit trams are pretty much OK but single unit trams are misaligned, they're aligned to the right of their bo...


17:06 2ccts Bug #7756: DMU/EMU Power Output Corrections
>FS ALn668 -> Why is this one coded as a a DMU?
Actually no idea. I made as a MU a looooooong time ago, no idea why...

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