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06:01 NewGRF Meta Language Revision 2321:8754af0cc1fc: Fix: Switch from :r format code to !r conversion flag to avoid crashes.
See also
06:01 The NML fork Revision 2341:8754af0cc1fc: Fix: Switch from :r format code to !r conversion flag to avoid crashes.
See also


08:51 Busy Bee GS Revision 112:715201db8a72: Merge translations
08:50 Busy Bee GS Revision 111:d8218e54c6ed: Feature: Add quick check whether the company has built anything at the...
07:01 Busy Bee GS Bug #7521 (Resolved): Don't make goals that can be achieved by already existing transport
This seems fixed now


10:04 Busy Bee GS Revision 110:d88dc2d0cc90: Updated readme vor v1
09:20 Busy Bee GS Revision 109:70c5014edbcc: Fix: News always gets published using the 1.5 API.
With the move to github, OpenTTD doesn't have a development version number
anymore, which triggered a fallback to the...


20:14 FIRS Industry Replacement Set Feature Request #8478 (New): Make industry rate a little more clear
The copper refinery [1] in "in a hot country" FIRS3, alpha 4, just says "(supplied)" next to delivered cargo to indic...


18:50 Bee Reward Feature #8407: Handle inflation in rewards
I just ran into your message. I don't remember either.Luckily I have a file that seems to solve this problem:


11:29 Iron Horse Revision 1558:f36c56a7b5ee: bin/mk-archive accepts directory trees to archive
Added a --verbose flag, to allow turning of dumping the list added files

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