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22:07 NewGRF Meta Language Revision 2048:86f780bdb30b: Change: delay changing not into xor with 1 to the last moment, it's n...


18:16 NewGRF Meta Language Revision 2045:6cc307299f9e: Change: improve optimization for expressions containing comparison op...
17:30 NewGRF Meta Language Bug #4460 (Closed): Revisions to be backported to 0.2 branch
Created this issue merely as documentation for revisions that are also relevant to the 0.2 branch.
r2044: Fix #445...
17:26 NewGRF Meta Language Bug #4458 (Closed): hide_sprite with value 0 is incorrectly hidden
Applied in changeset commit:5859d452b668.
17:26 NewGRF Meta Language Revision 2044:5859d452b668: Fix #4458: applying operator ! to a constant number didn't work


18:59 NewGRF Meta Language Patch #4385: Feature: Have 'untranslatable' strings
Well, if we're going for that we need to store all state (not just "untranslatable", but also last translated revisio...


21:09 NewGRF Meta Language Bug #4418 (Rejected): DevZone compile failed


19:31 NewGRF Meta Language Bug #4416 (Closed): Warnings about real sprites are hidden due to spritecache
The "pure white" warning for example doesn't show up the second time you encode a grf because by then the sprite is i...
19:29 NewGRF Meta Language Bug #4293 (Closed): Arithmetic with sprite labels
Fixed in r2043, sorry about the long delay before you got a reaction.
19:28 NewGRF Meta Language Revision 2043:37e857ad34ab: Fix #4294 / r1919: sprite labels were discarded too early as invalid ...

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