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17:44 World Airliners Set Revision 3379:2c7e7b08ae35: Add: L049 Constellation Greyscale and draft codes
14:15 World Airliners Set Revision 3378:578c7023a6c3: Delete: MNL Progression
13:52 World Airliners Set Revision 3377:bab7bade24ae: Fix: Revised coordinates E190


10:10 World Airliners Set Feature #8477 (New): Change manufactures livery trough the years
Let all the manufacturer liveries change trough the years.
09:28 World Airliners Set Feature #4257: Review Boeing B757-300 With Greyscale and Repaints
Upgraded to version 1.0 with high prio
09:27 World Airliners Set Feature #4249: Code BAe146-300F Only Repaint TNT
Removed from version 0.3
09:26 World Airliners Set Feature Request #7696: Addition of Alliance Liveries
Removed from version 1.0
09:26 World Airliners Set Feature Request #7828: New Aircraft
B737- MAX8 has been added
Removed from version 1.0


17:18 World Airliners Set Bug #8474 (Closed): LH 737-400 Color issue
17:08 World Airliners Set Revision 3375:b275cea4a882: Merge

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