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19:39 32bpp br_ground_fields_lines.grf
Ben Robbins Farm field sprites with Lines


21:00 32bpp br_ground_lines.grf
Ben Robbins Temperate Ground with Lines


20:37 32bpp-ez-patches Bug #2195 (Closed): DevZone compile failed
Applied in changeset commit:36b68f7ca1d0.
20:35 32bpp-ez-patches Revision 77:bcce79e2c631: Added tag r21891 for changeset 36b68f7ca1d0
20:33 32bpp-ez-patches Revision 76:36b68f7ca1d0: Codechange: update to trunk r21891, trunk commit 21886 made the patch f...
15:21 32bpp-ez-patches Revision 75:84bd5a27e33b: Fix: put compilefarm.diff in series file again, for correct versioning ...


23:25 32bpp-extra Feature #2190: extra sprites diff
This one does not have an mq, that is 32bpp-ez. Anyway, the sprite testing is still applicable, then hg import or com...
23:20 32bpp-extra Feature #2190: extra sprites diff
No idea if that works for png files. Can I hg import on a remote repo?
23:16 32bpp-extra Feature #2190: extra sprites diff
Hi Lord Aro,
Thanks for the diff, but diffing pngs is not very useful (try the exclude option to exclude pngs).
21:28 32bpp-ez-patches Support #2025 (Closed): Update patch and retrigger for osx
Closed by rev 74

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