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11:58 2ccts Bug #8444 (Closed): Capacity wrong for metro wagons
Some of the newer metros have a passenger capacity of 1 per wagon when you attach powered and unpowered metro wagons....


10:30 2ccts Bug #8330: 5th gen boxcar graphics swapped
They do seem to be reversed, if Type 1 is supposed to be Euro-style. The currently labelled Type 2 were intended to b...
10:27 2ccts Bug #8351 (Closed): Multiple Unit Cargo Wagon Unpowered wrong refits
"Multiple Unit Cargo Wagon Unpowered" carries Passengers and Mail instead of Goods etc, making it useless for the Car...
10:25 2ccts Bug #7968: Stats fixes
Yes, I meant the ChS7


12:32 2ccts Bug #7968: Stats fixes
A couple more:
PKP ET41 - 167 tonnes total
Metrolink F59PH - intro year 1988, not 1995
UZ ChS2 - tractive effort...


10:10 2ccts Bug #7970: Certain passenger cars are not available for America
This is on purpose because compartment coaches were never common in America, unlike in Europe and elsewhere.


13:54 2ccts Bug #7968 (Closed): Stats fixes
Just some minor errors in stats that I've found. Possibly more to come.
FS ETR.300 Settebello - 200km/h
CD 814 - ...


06:49 2ccts Feature #7729: Maglev railbus
Oh good, I see it's been added. There's a misalignment on the depot sprite, not due to the file because it's aligned ...
03:50 2ccts Feature Request #7922: B units in longer trains
The order looks good. The last vehicle should be somehow selectable (either via a refit or a random switch) no matter...


12:30 2ccts Feature Request #7922: B units in longer trains
New spritesheets for all affected vehicles, hopefully the alignments are all correct.

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