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03:33 Comic Style Houses Bug #649: action colour in appartement building sprites
Try http://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?p=156006 to remove action colors.


14:49 Coopetition ladder Revision 19:efac9766accc: [Codechange] Change everything from HTML to XHTML. New site is validate...


22:10 Coopetition ladder Feature #64 (Closed): Games
22:07 Coopetition ladder Feature #64: Games
Finished the administrator approve side of the game stuff, it should be possible to run a complete coopetition now. T...
16:22 Coopetition ladder Feature #64: Games
Administrators are now able to edit the game data, up next is adding the code to actually approve the game and calcul...


16:58 Coopetition ladder Development: RE: How to decide who wins
IMO the judging should be as objective and simple as possible. By objective I mean you don't take things like looks o...
16:53 Coopetition ladder Development: How to decide who wins
Taken from the original topic in a hidden place ;)
h1. Original post
As you might know I've been working on a l...


23:53 Coopetition ladder Feature #64: Games
Implemented menu choices and started working on the adding of games
23:52 Coopetition ladder Feature #64 (Closed): Games
Everything that has to do with games. From uploading them and filling in the required information up to listing them ...
23:42 Coopetition ladder Bug #63 (Assigned): Shedule drawing broken
The drawing of the shedule is broken. Everything that has a startday that is later than its endday is drawn backwards...

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