Welcome to YETI Previews!
Here follow x1 zoom previews of industries, upon clicking x4 shall appear!

Comparison page between version 1 and version 1.2 of graphics: http://dev.openttdcoop.org/projects/yeti/wiki/Compare-v1

1-A Stone Quarry, 1-B Clay Pit, 1-C Forest and 1-X Building Material Factory

2-A Animal Farm, 2-B Grain Farm, 2-C Fruit Orchard and 2-X Food Processing Plant

2-AA StockYard, 2-BB Bakery, 2-CC Salatery, 2-Y Packaging Factory

3-A Iron Ore Mine, 3-B Oil Wells, and 3-C Uranium Mine

3-AA Death Steel Mill, 3-BB Oil Refinery, 3-CC Power Plant and 3-X Machinery Factory

4-X Worker Yard, 5-X Exchange Merchant