YETI Play Guide

This document aims to enable players to get the most out of YETI Extended Towns and Industries. This document assumes that you've already downloaded and installed YETI from the online content downloader.

Optimizing Playing Environment

Because YETI uses a high number of animated frames, games may run sluggishly if played with a default Openttd configuration. If this is the case you can try one of these configuration changes.

Option 1: Increasing Sprite Cache Size

Locate your copy of openttd.cfg file.
Under the [misc] section of the file (it should be the first section in the file) you should already have sprite_cache_size_px. Set it's value to 256 or larger. I personally have it set to 384.
You can also add these lines:

sprite_cache_size = 512
max_sprite_cache_size = 512

If OpenTTD gives you an error about unable to allocate memory required you can try option 2.

Option 2: Switch from 32bpp to 8bpp mode

Nowadays OpenTTD runs in 32 bit per pixel color mode by default but you can configure Openttd to run in 8 bit color mode. In your openttd.cfg file under the [misc] section of the file you should already have blitter setting, even though the value may be empty. Set this line to

blitter = "8bpp-optimized"

When you load a YETI game with this setting a non-animated version of the graphics will be used and it should lower the memory needed to run the game smoothly.
Note: setting blitter = "32bpp-optimized" might be enough in some cases.

Game Mechanics

To get started you should be familiar with the cargo/industry schema available here. In YETI games you should always start by transporting YETI dudes from 4X Worker Yards to raw material producing (primary) industries. After that, follow the schematics and you should have a nice game without knowing all the technical information detailed below.

Primary Industries

These are the farms, mines and forests. These industries require YETI dudes to get production started and machinery to boost the production. Approximately every 3.5 days the industry will consume 10% of available YETI dudes and will produce the same amount of cargo. Availability of machinery will give you up to a 100% boost in production. To get the full boost 1 item of machinery is needed for every 3 YETI dudes.

3AA Death Steel Mill, 3BB Oil Refinery, 3CC Power Plant

These secondary industries take 1 input cargo each: Iron Ore, Oil and Uranium Ore respectively. These industries consume 10% of available cargo every 3.5 days and they produce the same amount of output.

1X Construction Yard, 2X Food Plant, 3X Machinery Factory

These secondary/tertiary industries take 3 cargoes each. Again, they consume 10% each of available cargo every 3.5 days. In each case the production rate improves when different cargoes are available. If 1 type of cargo is available, 8 units of input yields 4 units of output (50% production rate). With 2 cargoes available, ratio will be 8 units of input to 6 units of output (75%). With all 3 cargoes available the rate goes up to 100% - 8 units of output from 8 units of input.

4X Worker Yards

Before you start the game you may select game style to suit your favorite playstyle. You do this by pressing "set parameters" after you have selected YETI Extended Towns and Industries in NewGRF settings.

The worker yard will always produce minimum of 80 - 140 yetis no matter the mode.

Industry oriented (no extra)

In this mode it's about town size and houses. For maximum yeti production deliver both food and building materials to your worker yard. The worker yard uses food up to 20% of the town population and building materials depending on how many houses you have. Worker yard will not consume building materials unless food is also stored in the worker yard. You need about twice as much food compared to building materials.

Formulas used:

Food consumed: TOWN_POPULATION * 0.2
Building materials consumed: HOUSES * 50 * 0.2

Maximum of yetis produced each month:
(TOWN_POPULATION * 0.2) + (HOUSES * 50 * 0.2) + 10

Industry oriented (tired yetis)


City oriented (passengers)

For this mode you need food, building materials and passengers. How many yetis that converts from passenger is based on how much food and building materials you have stored in the worker yard.

Formulas used:

Passengers consumed: (Passengers / 10) / 4
Food consumed: (Passengers / 10)
Building materials consumed: (Passengers / 10) * 2

Maximum of yetis produced each month:
((PASSENGERS / 10) / 4) + (PASSENGERS / 10) + ((PASSENGERS / 10) * 2) 

City oriented (mail)


Simplified (2 industries)

5X Exchange Merchant

Some modes don't require a lot of building materials, so you may end up with more than you need. Take the excess to a 5X Exchange Merchant, and it will give you 3 tonnes of food for 4 tonnes of building materials.

Growing towns above snow lines and in desert

Towns above snow line require food to grow. Towns in desert require food and building materials to grow. But how can it be done when the town buildings don't accept neither food or building materials?

Deliver the required cargo to the 4X Worker Yard. Both the station that's used for delivery and worker yard that's receiving the cargo must be associated with the town that's trying to grow.