The Team

Welcome the World Airliners Set Wiki Page were you can meet the team.

Set Leaders

Beardie27 (Robert Beardwell) - Also know as Beardie on the Transport Tycoon (TT-Forums) is one of the two founders of the set, his vision and endless effort in the set helped the set keep going. Though his knowledge of planes was small his heart in transport tycoon was large helping create the World Airliners Set. Also he is the administrator and creator of The World Airliners Set Forum, The World Airliners Set Thread and the World Airliners Set Wiki. Alongside this Beardie has also contributed from time to time in the graphics department.

Extspotter (Alex Finn) - He is the second founder of the World Airliners, his overwhelming knowledge in the aviation industry and interest in Transport Tycoon had the will power to help create and the start the World Airliners Set. He is also the creator of the very first repaint or real world livery the ATR 72-500 Aurigny Air ( From there Extspotter has become the main refrence of all aircraft information for the set as well as creating graphics.

FaddyPainter (Ashley Twells) - FaddyPainter joined the World Airliners Set team on Friday 15th May 2009 when he amazed the World Airliners Set community with his amazing Air Florida 737-100 ( Quickly FaddyPainter became the lead graphics artist on the set and help command, correct and improve the graphics. He also had a large knowledge of aircraft adding the knowledge of Extspotter for the creation of the World Airliners Set.

Frank (Robert Francis) - Also know as Frank95 on the Transport Tycoon (TT-Forums) was privately recruited by Beardie and became a member of the set on Thrusday 11th June 2009, from there Frank became a Master Coder of the World Airliners Set and surpassed Beardie in coding knowledge helping add new features to the set that could only be dreamed of. Alongside this Frank has also contributed from time to time in the graphics department.

RvP93 (Rens van de Polder) - RvP93 joined the World Airliners Set on Thrusday 15th April 2010, from there he started to create graphics for a large magnitude of aircraft, his high quality paints and outstanding contribution make him the largest poster on The World Airliners Set Forum. This makes him a major graphics artist. From March 2014 he became a coder and helped to get the set back to life with many others, as of August 2014 he leads the set into a new future.

George (George Bagaev) - George is the founder of the base .nml code and planes code templates when Rens started coding from March 2014. With many experience from the xUSSR set and other sets he is always there to help out with issues and to get things done. He is the reason that the WAS now uses eints for translators to amend and translate language code.

Active Contributors

Ammler - Ammler is one of the/if not the founder of the OpenTTD Coop Development Zone website making this sets existence come true, his uncanny availability in the #openttdcoop.devzone Irc Chat to provide assistance when a problem would arise creating a GRF makes him a major help in creating the World Airliners Set.

Planetmaker - Planetmaker is one of the creators of the OpenTTD game, his amazing knowledge of GRF and Transport Tycoon coding is unending, his contribution and help provided in adding features and upgrades to the World Airliners Set makes him another major help in creation of the World Airliners Set.

huub007 - Huub is a huge contributer of graphics and code. He recoded the B737 serie from .nfo to.nml and made several B707 paints like Air France and Cathay pacific. He also developed the B767-300F Greyscale.

Firzafp - Also Know as SkiddLow on the Transport Tycoon (TT-Forums) is a currently active and occasional contributor to the World Airliners Set. He Joined the Sunday 6th May 2012 originating from the country of Indonesia.

DrMilzbrand - He joined the World Airliners Set on Sunday 16th August 2009, he is a occasional contributor to the set located in Germany. He contributes by creating Germany airliners for the set adding his unique knowlodge of the German aircraft industry.

Simozzz - He Joined the World Airliners Set on Tuesday 16th June 2009, he is a contributor to the set in many ways, helping create so Russian planes from scratch and help by adding his Russian knowlodge of real life planes to the set with great graphics.

Inactive Contributors

DJNekkid - One of the Original coders of the World Airliners Set, creator of the very first World Airliners Set Revision r0, he help by getting the coding of the set to a start contributing a large number of coding information to make a GRF that would be usable in the game, his help and knowledge will never be forgotten and the day of his return is also welcome.

Yorick - Also another of the original coders of the World Airliners Set, Yorick from the netherlands help start the set by also adding his own GRF code, by getting the set on course to make file system were a new version of the GRF could be created at any point after a new change, he also taught the current leaders of the World Airliners Set the knowledge they use today to create the GRF.

Mega - Mega was the founder of the Megaclan Forum and online gameplay servers, this is the one man (Or Dutch Truck Driver) for which is the real reason why this set ever got started in the first place. His Megaclan servers was the meeting place of the World Airliners Set founders and without him creator a connection between the contributors of this set. For his passion and goal to bring the community closer together to enjoy the world of Transport Tycoon caused the birth of this great set.

The remaining Inactive Members or Contributors of the World Airliners Set all helped by creating graphics here and there for the World Airliners Set, each adding their own bit to the GRF, making it a community project
- seandasheep
- Vlad
- Buckethead
- Trainboy2004
- Giles
- Dimme
- Giovanne

A Special Thanks

Pikkabird - The Man That Made the Graphics of the World Airliners Set, to get the set going Extspotter asked Pikkabird if we had permission to use the graphics in his AV8 set, the greatest and most accurate aircraft set created for OpenTTD, without his permission this set may have never have started because as a base his graphics allowed the quick creation of real life liveries and created a future for this GRF. Thank You Pikkabird.

George (George Bagaev) - Again George, many thanks for helping set up the base .nml code for the WAS. And your help with all the issues and fixes you've done.