Irc chat

The Chatrooms

There are two chat rooms from which will help you acces information reagrding the OpenTTD Coop Development Zone Website or the World Airliners Set.

These two chat rooms are called.

#openttdcoop.devzone - For Talking About the OpenTTD Coop Development Zone Website
#was - For Talking About The World Airliners Set

Accessing The Chatrooms

Via The Transport Tycoon Website

1. To work the irc chat please go to the following link - it is located on the

2. Fill in the detailed info (all detail need filling in)

3. The irc chat places you in #tycoon the chat room for all transport tycoon talk/

4. Using the following two options to enter different chat rooms

Two Options

Option 1

1. Click on channels at the top.

2. Search down the list till you find #openttdcoop.devzone

Option 2

1. Type

/join #openttdcoop.devzone 
/join #was

Into the chat menu

You are now in the chat room.

Also there is a RSS feed embedded into the #openttdcoop.devzone chatroom so that any activity regarding any of the projects in association with openttdcoop development zone will show up within that channel.

Alternative Options

Installing Chatzilla

You can also download a program called Chatzilla if you are running the Firefox web browser.
This program can be found here -

Once this has been installed you can enter information for it to join chatrooms automatically when the chat program is started.
Firstly to start the chat program you need to click on the orange firefox bar in the top left corner of the web browser and click on chatzilla.

Once the program is running there are a series of options to help you run the software better.

Setting a Nickname

To set up a nickname for you to use in the Chatzilla program click on the Chatzilla option in the top left of the program from there click on preferences and from there have global settings in the top left selected.

A few tabs will appear, click on the tab that says general if not already selected, once scrolling down you can set a nickname for you to use in the chats and a nickname to use when your away from the computer.

Once done click apply.

Setting Up Stalk Words

Stalk words are words that chatzilla use to alert you to that fellow chatees are trying to get your attention etc.
To set up a stalk word again enter the preferences menu and from there click on global settings.

From here click on the lists tab and scroll down the bottom, here you can add a list of words to alert you, for example a few versions of your nickname.

Setting Up Chatrooms

You can set Chatzilla to enter the chatrooms you want to use automatically when starting the chat menu.

To do this firstly enter the prefrences menu once again, from there you can click on global settings.
This again reveals a list of tabs, click on the start up tab and scroll down to locations option.

There are multiple locations for you to add depending on what chatrooms you want to access.
Here we are the three main chatrooms to enter for OpenTTD, OpenTTD Coop Development Zone and World Airliners Set chat.


Now restart the program to find these chat rooms entered.

Setting Time Stamps

Time stamps are label that appears on every line in a chatmenu allowing you to the know exact time each comment in the chat was posted.
This can be set by entering the preferences menu and again clicking on global settings.

From here click on the appearance tab and scroll down to you encounter time stamps menu, her you can enable timestamps.