What is this thing?

RUST is a R evival of the US T rainset - or if you're that sort of person, it's the R UST US T rainset.

What this actually means is that it's the old American Transition Set/US Set brought up to date. A complete recode in NML, new cargos, new trains, new liveries, new features, etc.

And what does that mean?

It means features like these (Note: None of these are fully implemented yet):
  • Realistic multiheading - reduced crew costs for booster units. Additional units that don't have an MU connector will be unpowered.
  • Realistic B-units - purchased separately, reduced speed if leading a train.
  • Slugs and related items - Available in cabbed and cabless varieties. Cannot move independently. Cabless varieties reduce speed if leading trains. Slugs increase the TE of compatible adjacent locomotives. Some varieties work only at low speeds, others continuously.
  • Eyecandy non-revenue rolling stock - MoW vehicles, special trains, etc. Entirely optional, of course.
  • Realistic coupler enforcement. Your fancy high-speed rolling stock can't be hitched to a road locomotive without an adapter car in between. For instance, an Acela Express locomotive has an AAR coupler up front (it's there - hidden under a panel), so you can tow it - but behind it, you can only have compatible railcars.
  • Explicit livery refitting for all locomotives and appropriate rolling stock. (Uses the NARS regearing cargo, but does not break it)
  • Early start date (think horse-drawn)
  • Experimental locomotives and trainsets have very short availability windows and are massively expensive if not purchased during the preview period.
  • Multiple classes of passenger service - first class coaches are smaller but pay higher rates and so forth. Refrigeration technology will improve over time using the same mechanism (Needs recent trunk).