How to get RAWR work as a static NewGRF

What is a static NewGRF?

It is a purely visual NewGRF which always shows for you client-side. That way you can join servers or open singleplayer savegames, and always see RAWR (or other static NewGRF).

  1. download RAWR from content download
  2. apply it in the newGRF options just like if you want to load it in a game just like any other NewGRF
  3. select your desired climate in grf parameters (or leave Automatic by default) - you can for example see Temperate climate when the server is in Toyland
  4. close OpenTTD
  5. find your openttd.cfg and search for [newgrf] section - there will be something like this with 1.4.0 rawr_absolute_world_replacement-0.0.1\rawr.grf = 4 ................. or like this with 1.5.1 56420404|3581919585D872198B0C22729412A59B|rawr_absolute_world_replacement-0.0.1\rawr.grf = 0
  6. move this RAWR line to [newgrf-static] section. If you removed it from [newgrf] section, the welcome screen of the game will be in RAWR too :P
  7. start OpenTTD and enjoy :)

RAWR Technical Documentation

- to be expanded into a proper YETI / NUTS - like page ... when I get the time and stuff sorted out (probably after RAWR 0.0.2 comes out on bananas)