PURR rainbow-coloured railway set without unicorns

In other words, a railtype track set introducing yet another instance of universal rail.
However, apart from functional usage it also brings new visual utility.
Generally any universal rail newGRF without speed limits can be used for organization and marking,
but the result tends to be rather ugly as they simply are different.

Intended Usefulness:


Well, yes. The first thing to mention is that there are introduced multiple colour variants of One track type.
This is mainly useful for organization, orientation and generally just marking purposes for your track clusters.

I could however think of more uses, all in all:
  • marking separate networks, like intercity X intracity railways, main traffic X side traffic and more
  • marking important spots, like where trains stop
  • marking who built what in cooperative games
  • having a railtype newGRF all trains could run on
  • all the benefits of universal rail - e.g. easy autoreplacing
  • 5-colour-rail-tile-based-art?

Intended Uselessness:

No unicorns.
Or other animals.
Or any vehicles at all.

The track set is best used with NUTS, but it should work with most other sets too.
(NUTS modifies its semaphore signals, too)

Current future predictions:
- adding more colours
- how many, and which, colours used to be set by parameter settings
- more friendliness with wtf label track sets and generally more idiot-proof working

- IF I am very bored, then also depots/tunnels/cats/stuff

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