#openttdcoop Pixel is a project aiming to be a hub for NewGRF creation, storing and linking articles, tutorials, templates and the like.

This page has been started in early November 2012 with hope that I would start writing about the knowledge I absorbed by learning from the original TTD base set, trying to draw trains myself.
There has not been much activity since - to be precise I wrote one starting article but nothing more.
Now, in December 2014 after I have done documentation for both 32bpp YETI and NUTS infrastructures, I think it is time to revitalize it here.

Since now this page is going to include 32bpp articles, and possibly more.

The aim of this project is to create knowledge base which is able to give creative criticism because so most feedback an author gets is "it looks ok" or "do this or that" but not why.

The guides, summaries and articles should be on the Wiki while the issues should be opened when you have some problem drawing something or just want to discuss that.

There is an IRC channel on OFTC called #openttdcoop.pixel related to this project.
Quick way to connect if you do not have your own IRC client:

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Manager: Ammler, andythenorth, V453000
Contributor: Elukka, George, Swissfan91