OpenMSX 0.3.1 released (4 comments)

Added by planetmaker over 10 years ago

This release addresses a few issues which were found with certain songs in the 0.3.0 release and could lead under certain conditions even to a crash of the sound driver and OpenTTD. Seven songs have been addressed in that respect, and 'Keep on Rolling' replaced for similar reason by Jim Redfarn's 'Big Man Boogie'. Especially windows users who have problems with their sound playback or experienced sound-related crashes previously are encouraged to update as these changes work around the touchy sound drivers. Find the new version at the usual places, bananas and For a full changelog see

OpenMSX 0.3.0 - a full set

Added by planetmaker almost 11 years ago

OpenMSX now received many new songs, mostly by Jim Redfarn who fills a whole category with boogie - style music and some new ones also by imuh3 which fit well in the two existing music categories.

OpenMSX 0.2.1 released (3 comments)

Added by planetmaker about 11 years ago

OpenMSX 0.2.1 features a new title theme, two completely new songs and three songs which were replaced by other songs of the same author.


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