OpenGFX 0.1.0-alpha6 released

Added by planetmaker about 10 years ago

This version has all sprites now for tropical, temperate and arctic climate and made also some progress in the toyland climate. Kudos to all who worked on it and contributed! Most urgently needed are the African manager faces and the missing toyland industries and houses. Let's see them get incorporated in order to get a feature-complete beta version.

Release! (0.1.0-alpha5) (1 comment)

Added by Ammler over 10 years ago

Today, our project manager FooBar released the first official alpha version since we host the project on our newly created development zone. I am very happy, we were able to help this project to make another step. Now let's remove last "Black Boxes" from tropic and toyland clima.

In this place, I like to thank FooBar for his awesome work, he still puts in this project. He didn't just hand over the source and let others do the work, no, still much effort from his side. Thank you. Also a welcome to Born Acron and Gen.Sniper, the new "BlackBox" cleaners. :-)

Download Area:

OpenGFX nightly builds

Added by foobar over 10 years ago

Starting from today, OpenGFX nightly builds are compiled once a day (if there's something new to compile that is) at 18:18 CEST. You can get the precompiled binaries from
Stable releases are still available from

The installation procedure isn't different from usual. The readme has the instructions:

As always, it's possible that a nightly build doesn't work. As long as you still have your previous working version sitting in the correct directory, it's enough to get OpenGFX working again. Then just wait another day and try tomorrow's nightly!

Have fun!

OpenGFX in repo

Added by foobar over 10 years ago

I'd like to thank the guys from #openttdcoop for providing the repository. If you like you can do an anonymous checkout:

hg clone

The readme is now officially located at Future releases will just include a copy of that page, so be sure to check the wiki for the latest information!

Future precompiled releases will be available from and of course you now can build a version of your own. Currently there's not much new in the repo since alpha 4.2, so I don't think you should bugger compiling yourself right now.

The official bugtracker is now located at This will replace the buglist at the wiki. Just keep posting the bugs you find here in the release topic at tt-forums and one of the OpenGFX developers will add it to the issue tracker.

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