OpenGFX 0.3.4 released

Added by planetmaker over 8 years ago

OpenGFX 0.3.4 brings a lot of new sprites. Most important it brings new short tiles which fade better into the ground, have a better smoothness around certain corners but still preserve the breakers. Also it features completely new trees for the arctic and temperate climates and improved sprites for the factory, steel mill and farms, especially in their transparent view and building stages. And of course there's a range of bug fixes

OpenGFX 0.3.3. released

Added by planetmaker over 8 years ago

OpenGFX 0.3.3. has been released. Among a number of bug fixes, we started to rework trains and planes again. The new planes are based on Pikka's av8 and are reworked by DanMacK. Arctic trains also saw a refurbishment thanks to DanMacK and now are more distinct for its climate.

OpenGFX 0.3.2. released

Added by planetmaker almost 9 years ago

OpenGFX 0.3.2 has been released and among a number of bugs fixed it provides more toylandish road vehicles, aircraft and ships. Get the new release from bananas or the DevZone A full changelog is also available

OpenGFX 0.3.1 released

Added by planetmaker about 9 years ago

This OpenGFX release aims mostly for package maintainers, fixing some serious issues with installation encountered in 0.3.0 and offering improved configuration for the installation:

Notably you can now define
  • INSTALL_DIR: directory the grf and obg files go to
  • DOCDIR: directory the readme, changelog and license go to; but you can opt out of each by defining

All others can enjoy the fix which swapped the sprites for the load icon in the main menu :-)

Find the detailed changelog as well as the release here.

OpenGFX 0.3.0 released

Added by planetmaker about 9 years ago

With this version we bring some major updates and it is highly recommended to upgrade to this version of OpenGFX. The number of changes and additions include
  • New Airport preview sprites (no longer missing sprites!)
  • New sprites for the vehicle income, unread messages and exclusive transport rights (no longer missing sprites!)
  • New signals
  • Numerous unique new toyland sprites
  • Improvement and fixes for a number of houses
  • Some icons in the menu bar got replaced by easier discernible icons

Enjoy and come back to us, if you have problems, criticism, suggestions or contributions. Thanks to all who did work a lot on improving this set in the last months :-) OpenGFX is found as usual via ingame content bananas or at the DevZone

Important information for package maintainers:
- first run make and then make check to test for the integrity of the grfs. make install or make docs will overwrite the shipped md5sum file
- if you don't use unis2dos, set it explicitly to "true" via command line flag or set an empty UNIX2DOS_FLAG. It may otherwise fail
- You can specify now separately INSTALL_DIR and DOCDIR for the grf and the documentation (=readme, license, changelog). If no DOCDIR is supplied, the documentation is also installed into the same dir as the grf.

OpenGFX 0.2.4 released

Added by planetmaker over 9 years ago

Today we released OpenGFX 0.2.4 which sees a major re-work of all train alignments (and the underlying code basis), so that it now looks better also in some of the less obvious places. Also changes to the path signals and some house sprites have been made. For package maintainers the new target 'distclean' was introduced which cleans everything so that the pristine tar content will be everything left.

The release is available form BaNaNaS via the online content download or via

Have fun!

OpenGFX 0.2.2 released (4 comments)

Added by planetmaker over 9 years ago

OpenGFX 0.2.2 was just released with major fixes to houses, their re-colour properties and their alignment, re-worked maglev and monorail vehicles and translations into multiple languages. Further the start & stop button were made easier discernible, especially helpful for those which have troubles to distinguish red and green.

The release is available form BaNaNaS via the online content download or via

EDIT: Attention package maintainers: The target 'make check' unfortunately turned out broken. Using it will always tell you the md5sum check succeeded as it re-builds the md5 sums file. You can check a successful built of the files against the file available on our webserver:
Further: the md5sums are the same, but the format of the md5sum file shipped in the source release is such that also a md5sum --check opengfx-0.2.2.md5 fails (the file has one space missing as separator between the md5sum and the file name). Send regards for this error to Apple Inc. ;-) as md5sum works differently on OSX.

OpenGFX 0.2.1 released

Added by planetmaker almost 10 years ago

Today we released OpenGFX 0.2.1. With a fix for the mapgen sprites for the original terrain generator and the additon of the windows shading sprites two major improvements were added which ensure that OpenGFX continues to provide all sprites necessary to enjoy OpenTTD. We therefor strongly recommend an update ;-)
As of this version we'll also be able to supply rpms for nearly all linux versions which use them by default. Some other minor changes and fixes with respect to 0.2.0 complete this version. For details see the enclosed changelog.

OpenGFX 0.2.0 (1 comment)

Added by Ammler almost 10 years ago

It's the first version of this base set which features a complete set of all necessary sprites, thus it is fully functional and nicely playable. You can obtain it from the usual download locations, that is from either bananas or the devzone at

At this point I'd like to thank all people who contributed to this set and made it become reality, you all did a very good job! A special thanks goes in my opinion towards Zephyris who drew an amazing amount of sprites throughout the two years of development so far (it's not a direct measure for the sprite count, but the authors table counts 257 entries related to him at least partially out of 399 in total) and who also took it into his hands to come up with the last missing sprites and speed up the process to this full release.

Work of course will continue in the quest to improve this set and make it better and better.

For now: enjoy!

OpenGFX 0.1.1 release

Added by Ammler about 10 years ago

The version issues for package maintainers are gone, as of now, alpha is gone. But be aware, it is still not complete. We just changed the version naming system, earlier alpha releases are 0.0.X, the beta version is renamed to 0.2.0. Stable will be 1.0.0. (if ever ;-)

But we still keep the same policy, our biggest aim is to make the replacement complete (version 0.2.0), then to improve the existing set, if there is need.

So let us hunt the last missing sprites, the African faces and some toyland. It should be possible to finalize the set, only around 3% is missing!

Read more at TT-Forums.

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