Source repository moved

Added by planetmaker over 2 years ago

The main repository of OpenGFX moved to GitHub to alongside OpenTTD itself.

It now is found at

The same goes for the issue tracker. Pull requests are very welcome.

OpenGFX 0.5.2

Added by planetmaker over 6 years ago

OpenGFX 0.5.2 (12 Apr 2015):

- Add: [Makefile] target 'bananas' (closes #6877, #6848)
- Fix: [Makefile] Add dependency generation for pnml->nml
- Fix: [Makefile] dependencies, esp. wrt. HG revision numbers getting compiled into files
- Fix: Alignment of GUI icons that have different sizes in 1x and 2x zoom
- Fix: 2x GUI sprite for purchase land was attached to the viewport sprite instead of to the GUI sprite (commit:ba02a90fab52) (issue FS#6267)
- Fix: Do not crop the default-window-size icon (issue FS#6258)

OpenGFX 0.5.2-RC1 (16 Feb 2015):

- Add: 2x GUI zoom sprites
- Add: the all black ground sprites introduced in OpenTTD r26869
- Add: Translations for Africans, Italian, Latin and Lithuanian
- Update: Translation for English (US)
- Change:     [Makefile] Make sure that mercurial output is not changed by user presets
- Codechange: [Makefile] Simplify a few pointless programme definitions
- Fix:        [Makefile] No need to query the whereabouts of required programmes when we make no use of that anyway (issue #5759)

Note to package maintainers:

  • Package naming was reverted to the simple scheme of (binary) and opengfx-VERSION-source.tar.xz (source).
  • Makefile was rewritten with improved dependency check and better version inclusion in files (should not affect anything)
  • Recommended NML version: 0.4.1

OpenGFX 0.5.1

Added by planetmaker about 7 years ago

Compared to OpenGFX 0.5.0 it fixes a number of issues with packaging.

The source is available as xz-compressed tar archive. You can (again) opt to not install license.txt, readme.txt and changelog.txt via the variables DO_NOT_INSTALL_LICENSE, DO_NOT_INSTALL_README and DO_NOT_INSTALL_CHANGELOG.
Additionally the borked check for the build from tar archives with the checksums (by grfid -m) of the grf files was fixed again.

It's recommended to use NML 0.3.1 in order to build OpenGFX 0.5.1 or the md5sum of the grf files might differ.

OpenGFX 0.4.6

Added by planetmaker over 8 years ago

The Christmas release brings you one visible change which will make it easy for trunk users and those of the future OpenTTD 1.3.0-beta1 to get rid of the "missing sprites" warning:


- Feature: GUI sprites for delete buttons introduced in OpenTTD r24749

Note to package maintainers: as this sprite is only used in trunk (and in OpenTTD 1.3.0-beta1 and later), there is no need to update your package, if you ship OpenTTD 1.2 or earlier. You want this, if you want to ship OpenTTD 1.3.0-beta1.

NOTE: You'll also need NML 0.2.5.r2050:7c249349d2a9. As of writing no binary-compatible stable NML release exists for that. I hope we can supply that within the next days.

Edit by Ammler: Distros and other self builder can use OpenGFX with NML 0.2.4 .

OpenGFX 0.4.5

Added by planetmaker almost 9 years ago

This release brings you the sprites for the indication of the happiness in the townlist. You want this release if you play with OpenTTD trunk or OpenTTD 1.3 or newer.

Note to package maintainers: No need to update OpenGFX, if you ship OpenTTD 1.2.x or older.

Note2: OpenGFX 0.4.5 builds with NML = 0.2.3 only successfully. (not > 0.2.3, checksum issue)

OpenGFX 0.4.4

Added by planetmaker over 9 years ago

This release fixes a number of bugs with sprites and the fonts received additional and updated glyphs for better support of some languages.

See the changelog for a full list:

Maintainers may note some changes to the build targets:
- maintainer-clean WILL delete from the tar bundle the file to check the md5 sums against. Do not use that
- distclean will restore the source bundle to its prestine state
- clean-gfx will remove the pngs from the source bundle which can be re-generated from the source xcf files
Thus if you want to build the package completely from source, grab the tar bundle (or a repository checkout) and run clean-gfx to ensure that the png files are cleaned and thus re-generated from source.

OpenGFX 0.4.1 released

Added by planetmaker over 9 years ago

OpenGFX 0.4.1 brings a lot of new font glyphs, snow aware rivers and canals and fixes a number of graphical glitches.

Note to maintainers:
Starting with this 0.4 series of OpenGFX, it is no longer based on grfcodec and nforenum, but it is written in NML (version 0.2.1 or newer from the 0.2.x branch is needed). If you want to run a maintainer-clean, you'll need to make use of GIMP subsequently. GIMP has some issues in running nicely in parallel (it might trigger bus errors), thus you may want to trim down the parallelization during building to something like -j3 or maybe even completely off with -j1.

OpenGFX 0.3.7 released

Added by planetmaker almost 10 years ago

OpenGFX 0.3.7 is a maintenance release which supplies the new sprites introduced in recent OpenTTD nightlies (r22973 and r22984) for climate-aware buoys and the group profit and autoreplace icons. This update is recommended for all, especially those who play with nightly versions :-)

OpenGFX 0.3.6 released

Added by planetmaker almost 10 years ago

With OpenGFX 0.3.6 rivers got a differently looking water and improved riverbanks and rivermouths to look quite distinct from canals. Other changes include enhanced building stages for the food processing plant and fixes to some trees where some pixels on one side were truncated.

OpenGFX 0.3.5 released

Added by planetmaker almost 10 years ago

Among a rework of many aircraft, based on aircraft drawn by Pikka, reworked by DanMacK, and reworked rail rolling stock by DanMacK, this release features a new food processing plant and slightly modified saw mill and also fixes the invisible food wagon for maglev.

For a full changelog see

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