This page is outdated, use the issue tracker instead:

  • Complete the list of action0 properties and varaction2 variables
  • Real action2 for industries (production callback)
  • Railtype translation table
  • Document the syntax
  • Document all properties and variables
  • Add some examples in the repository
  • Optimize actionD, if get_tmp_parameter gets an expression that is a parameter with a constant number, just return that param instead of copying it. Needs checking if this optimization is always valid.
  • Action 5 / 12: various ways to add real sprites
  • Action 11: sound data
  • Action F: town names
  • Action 13: translate other grfs - it's not possible to specify a language id in action13, so it's only a half solution. Should we really implement this?
  • Random action2
  • Add table with often-used constants like the base cost indexes
  • Add a way to check some global variables, like ttdpatch flags (some already possible by using param[0x80+x])