This project has been moved to https://github.com/OpenTTD/nml

A tool to convert a meta-language to grf and/or nfo files, making newgrf coding easier.

The repository for NML is now on GitHub https://github.com/OpenTTD/nml

Do not use the repository here, thanks.





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NML repo moved to GitHub
NML repo is now on GitHub https://github.com/OpenTTD/nml
Added by andythenorth over 2 years ago

NML 0.4.2 released
NML 0.4.2 is released and contains next to the support for more than 64 industries and important fix which ensures reproducable compilation by enforcing reproducable sorting of language strings
Added by planetmaker almost 6 years ago

NML 0.4.1 released
Maintenance release which (hopefully) makes packaging possible again
Added by planetmaker about 6 years ago

NML 0.4.0 released
NML 0.4.0 is released. It requires python3.2+ now and offers improved NewGRF support and gains much speed by using caching for sprite encodings
Added by planetmaker over 6 years ago

NML now using python 3.2+
NML nightlies leading towards NML 0.4.0 require now python 3.2 or newer
Added by planetmaker about 7 years ago

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