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Success! I have taken NML to the next level, specifically using NML to generate random town names. What it does is it takes a list of bases (drawn from Alberta Town Names) and then randomly adds prefixes and suffixes to them. That means that even on the largest maps, you should never run out of names. For example, it is possible to get:

  • Acme (just the base)
  • Fort Acme (prefix)
  • East Acme (another prefix)
  • Acme Acres (suffix)
  • Acme Place (another suffix)
  • North Acme Falls (both a prefix and suffix) and many others...

Prefix and suffix probability are relatively low, so you shouldn't be overrun with particularly long names.

Available on Bananas. Enjoy!

If you have a name that you think should be added, let me know. Alternately, if you get a name that doesn't make any sense (like the 'Lake Cold Lake' I got in testing...), let me know so I can fix it! (and yes, 'Acme' is a real town in Alberta)

P.S. Some of my favorite names that were generated in testing:

  • Fort Minchinbury
  • Drift Pile Lake
  • Zama Ridge
  • Old Thompsonford
  • Princess Virginia Park
  • Janvier Bay
  • Unwin Mountain
  • Vader Lake Outpost
  • Zama Bend
  • Ermineskin
  • Nose River
  • Iron Creek Estates
  • St. Mary Springs

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