The bug tracker of the DevZone allows assignes to an issue
- a status
- an assignee
- a target version

Usually these three things are only changed by a person working on the issue. The "status" though may indicate that also the orignal reporter (or also other people) are asked for feedback. The usual workflow of a ticket is
  1. New: That's the status a ticket gets when it is initially reported
  2. Confirmed: When a developer can reproduce the problem and thinks that action is needed this status is assigned
  3. Assigned: When a developer starts to work on the issue s/he may indicate so by setting the assigned status
  4. Feedback: This indicates that the developer needs some kind of feedback from the reporter or the community as a whole. This status will be kept until a solution has been found and implemented
  5. Resolved: The developer consider the issue done, but would like the reporter to confirm that the solution is working properly
  6. Closed: When the fix or feature is implemented, the developer will close the issue
Other possible status are
  • Rejected: This is use if the developer thinks that the issue cannot be solved or is out of scope
  • Re-opened: This is used when an issue is found to be not addressed properly after it once has been closed.