Welcome to the #openttdcoop Development Zone. We offer hosting for every kind of TTD related stuff, especially so for newgrfs with a free license. If you're interested, please contact us on IRC or create a ticket: here.


Getting started

Setup of your project locally

Windows 10 64-bits with Anniversary update: Complete Guide for Windows using Windows Subsystem for Linux
Other Windows versions: Complete Guide for Windows users

  1. Installing TortoiseHG
  2. Setting up ssh
  3. Installing NML
  4. Setting up a new project

Setup of a new project on DevZone

Further help topics


Every project hosted here must have a license which allows the community to continue the project without express permission by the original authors. The licenses listed here are recommendations, there are numerous other free licenses around which might be more appropriate to single projects. You can also make use of the license chooser .

The following licenses are examples for suitable licenses:


Recommended as 100% compatible with OpenTTD. See also the GPL guide

  • Credits must be given.
  • Source code - also of published modifications - must be available.
  • Derivates have to use the same license terms.


Similar to GNU GPL, but no source code requirements for original or derivates.
  • Credits must be given.
  • Derivates have to use the same license terms.


Almost no restrictions/requirements to derivates.
  • Credits must be given.

Last (and least;-)

These instructions are released under the Creative Commons Attribution by the #openttdcoop DevZone