Making a release

Tag the version you want to become the release, commit that to the repository and push it. And that's it!
However, if you use the automatic build from our "compile farm" on your local computer you'll need to update to the tagged release, then call 'make bundle' and you'll then be left with the appropriate tar, bz2 and zip files for the release.

Prior to this you may want to check on a few other things, including:
  • Check for the alignment of sprites in your test savegame
  • Check for correct strings and translations (check all languages - not that some messed up the language IDs)
  • Update the changelog.txt
    • A nice list can be obtained by hg log --template='- {desc}\n'
  • Update the readme.txt
  • Update the license.txt(?)
  • Bump grfid if save game compatibility will be badly broken
  • Make sure that there are no outstanding commits anymore
  • hg push
  • tag the commit and test it
    • hg up <release version>
    • make bundle_src
  • unpack the src in a separate dir and make the release from that:
    • make bundle_zip
    • make bundle_bz2
    • check the compile log for errors
    • check the version string in the resulting nfo / obg file
    • if one of these fails: go back to start and fix the error(s)
  • Back in the development dir:
  • hg push (to push the tag)
  • upload tar or zip to bananas
  • For BaseSets, especially OpenGFX: Notify Rubidium and/or TrueBrain so that they can sync the bananas mirrors.
  • Announce the release:
  • then to continue developing nightlies
    • hg up