Installing NML

If you are on linux or OSX or setup a linux in a VM as described in the previous chapter, the simple most way to obtain NML and also ensure easy updating, is to checkout the NML repository:

hg clone nml

You then might want to make sure that nml is found in your path. The best way is to simply add that directory to your path in your ~/.profile (or ~/.bash_profile). Add a line which reads similar to


Another easy, albeit a bit hacky way is to use a symlink:

sudo ln -s `pwd`/nml/nmlc /usr/local/bin/nmlc

Whichever way, if you have thus installed nmlc, you should be able to call nmlc from whatever directory you are in and get an output which looks like

~$ nmlc --version
0.3.0.r5161:86932569ca7d from 2014-02-17
Library versions encountered:
PIL: 1.1.7
PLY: 3.4

See also the more detailed NML guide for setup, including installation of required dependencies.