Installing Mercurial (Windows)

There are several different versions of Mercurial (Hg) available. On Windows, the most senisible choice is TortoiseHg. Apart from Hg as command line utility it comes with an easy to use graphical user interface. That way you don't have to type in (and remember!) those pesky commands yourself. It also includes everything you need to set up commit access over SSH, which will be covered later on.

Downloading and installing

TortoiseHg is available for download from

The installation package comes with an easy to use wizard, so nothing new there. I recommend installing to C:\dev\TortoiseHg as C:\dev is the place where we'll be installing MinGW and MSYS as well later on. That way you have all your developer tools in one location.

When you're done installing TortoiseHg you're all set to do an anonymous checkout over http. If you'll be granted commit access, I recommend setting up the SSH stuff first. That way you can set up the repo location for checkout and commit in one go without having to change it afterwards.

If you won't be getting commit access, skip the SSH stuff and go to the checkout section directly.

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