Getting started on Win (old)

All steps for Windows users are outlined in great detail in these four guides:

If you're new to all this, just start with the first one and follow them in given order.

How to setup a useful development environment on windows

You need MinGW and MSys in order to get everything nicely setup.

A quick recap:
  1. Install MinGW via installer.
    Defaults are fine, just click install: MinGW 1.5.4 installer
  2. Install MSysBaseSystem.
    Also just click install, defaults are fine: MSys 1.0.10 base system installer
  3. Install MSysDTK
    Also just click install, defaults are fine: MsysDTK installer
  4. Install grfcodec and nforenum
    Create a new direcory, let's call it C:\ottd-dev
    Get grfcodec and renum from (renum / codec) and copy them into that directory
  5. Adjust you environment and path settings
    When you install command line tools, such as MinGW, or GnuWin32 tools, you have to tell the command line interpreter where to find them; this is usually accomplished by adding the appropriate directory names to the PATH variable in your environment. Typically, it is your responsibility to do this; please do not expect the installer, (if you used one), to do it for you.
    Warning: Adding entries to the PATH is normally benign. However, if you delete, you may mess up your PATH string, and you could seriously compromise the functioning of your computer. Please be careful: * (German Screeenshots)

Alternative Guides / full installer

path.png - German WXP GUI->%PATH% (32 KB) Ammler, 2009-05-25 10:50