Creating a new project

In order to avoid bots creating projects: if you are not manager of any project at the DevZone you need to request the project:

If you already are manager of a project at the DevZone, you can create new projects all on your own:
Choose the 'Projects' tab at the very top and click the 'New Project' button.

In the project creation view fill in the details as needed:

  • Name: obviously the name
  • Description: Some additional information you might want to provide
  • Identifier: Choose this carefully, it cannot be changed by anyone. It is also the URL your project will be found under
  • Public: Leave it public and do not change this unless you have express permission by one of the site admins
  • Subproject of: Choose whatever is appropriate. Usually you will want to select one of
    • NewGRFs
    • Base Data Sets
    • AI Dev
    • AI Libraries
    • Game Scripts
  • Inherit members: Check this box, if you want to make use of the translation service and invite translators to help with transations when you write a NewGRF of Game Script.

Make sure that the 'repository' module is checked. Do not fill in any repository details, unless you want to use an repository external to DevZone! After you clicked 'create project', a mercurial repository will be created automatically and added to the project. This is done by a script which checks for new projects without a repository every seven minutes and adds a new, empty repo to both DevZone's redmine as well as rhodecode installs (technical details in admin guide).

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