Activation of retention policy

Added by Spike over 6 years ago

Last month we put a news item out about our retention policy. We have decided to start actively enforcing this policy from the 1st of March.

This is needed to maintain proper stability of our services. Each night a 03:00 UTC our server will cleanup any files that are outside of the retention policy.

To be sure we don't lose builds that are needed we have a copy of the current data available. Should you feel like a build (for this first month) has been removed in an incorrect way we can verify our logs and fix any issues that should arise. We have run our cleanup script on a dry run for some period to prevent such errors. Should they occur contact us through IRC.

Build retention policy

Added by planetmaker over 6 years ago

In recent months the retention policy for builds created by the DevZone's compile farm was rather liberal and all build for every push were kept. However, with the increasing size of NewGRFs (we needed to upgrade the allocated space for builds several times already) we need to go back to the original retention policy:

  • The three most recent builds on push will be kept available
  • Up to 20 nightly builds will be kept
  • All releases (tagged builds) will be kept

Nightlies are not built specifically anymore. But once a day, the build from the most recent push will be promoted to a nightly build.

See also our wiki page at UsingTheCF which documents the data retention policy. If you need one of the old nightly builds or push-builds, then please grab it now. The new build management script will be switched on in the coming days.

DevZone: Location of build results

Added by planetmaker over 6 years ago

Due to the increasing size of some projects we changed some settings in the compile farm itself, in Jenkins so that build results will not be kept any longer on that build server. As previously all build results will always be published to our file server at The results of the latest build can always be found at (where PROJECTNAME is the name as it appears here on the DevZone, which is also part of the repository URLs)

Access to repositories

Added by planetmaker over 7 years ago

The http interface to the repositories is performing currently very badly and either is very slow or not available at all. In order to push to or pull from the repositories currently an ssh access is required. Please see on how to obtain a pair of keys. Provide us (either by opening an issue here in the Help Centre, via message at, e-mail or on IRC) with the public key of yours and change your path in your project's .hg/hgrc to ssh:// Contact us if you have any questions or issues. See also and replace step5 by giving the public key of yours to us. Never share the private key with anyone!

We are working on setting up a new http interface and access which should perform much better than the current one.

Sorry for the inconvenience. But I'm confident that the changes we're going to make will be profitable

Unresolveable Issues

Added by Ammler over 8 years ago

We have unresolvable Issues on our new Server which forces us going back to the old host so we can analyze the new server without having the risk of data loss. This will happen this week sometime.

Basically services will change again IP and might be temporally unreachable for some which have bad ISP with own non-rfc compliant DNS cache rules. ->

Please use Forum or Issue Tracker to discuss further...

Hardware Check

Added by Ammler almost 9 years ago

As we had some serious issues with our new Server (almost daily complete outages). Our ISP ( will make a full hardware check, we scheduled this check for night from Tuesday to Wednesday 00:00 UTC

Server will be down for around 10 hours.

Every service of #openttdcoop will be infected. (except #openttdcoop PublicServer)

New Server

Added by Ammler almost 9 years ago

During the next week until the end of the weekend (2012-9-16), we will migrate the #openttdcoop services to the new host. There could be some downtime of single services, the big bunch is planned to be moved on next Saturday. We don't have planned downtime, if a service is unreachable, try again an hour later or visit us at our irc channels (#openttdcoop, #openttdcoop.devzone)

Thanks in advance for your patience. :-)

New Server

Added by Ammler over 10 years ago

The new server was bought some months ago already, finally we got some time to move and split the #openttdcoop services to the new infrastructure.

The DevZone and the bundles repository will get their own IP (v4):
other services will use either one of those...
Bouncer 101 (also webchat) --> already moved.

planetmaker also setup a donation account, so if someone feels like helping us with financing it, feel free to donate using the yellow paypal button. :-)

Finally, when (or if) I will learn how to setup IPv6, the whole infrastructure should also be connectable with it. But that is something for later. ;-)

New Compiler on the DevZone (1 comment)

Added by Ammler about 11 years ago

All projects on our DevZone can now independently enable nightly, release or other "branches" compile. This needs simply access to the repo. (no Admin request required anymore.

For a short time, we will run both compiler daily, the old nightly compile script is scheduled newly at 17:17, the new scheduler gets the known time at 18:18 (CEST).

Another new Feature of the new compiler is automatically release compiling, new tags will automatically initiate a compile right after push.

Latest compiles are listed at

More infos from Configuration Wiki.

DevZone downtime (1 comment)

Added by Ammler about 11 years ago

Since the 1.0.0 release of OpenTTD, we had some serious troubles to keep our DevZone running. I hope, with nginx as new http server, those issues will be past. We still need to convert other Domains to use nginx with php and file directory. So the DevZone runs currently on port 81. Please browse the Homepage and tell us about your experience.

Again, apologizes for the troubles the last few days and keep up developing nice addons for OpenTTD. :-)

Sincerely Ammler

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