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GPL v2

2009-07-14 15:34

The default license for all unlicensed projects hosted on our DevZone.

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NewGRF Development Guide for Windows Users

2011-08-02 14:15

This guide is aimed at new users of the #openttdcoop DevZone wanting to develop NewGRFs and who are using Windows as their main operating system. If you’re one of these persons, you’ll be confronted with new things such as Mercurial (hg), a Makefile and how to use all this....


2017-10-23 21:23

Tool for converting 32bpp RGBA PNG files to 8bpp indexed DOS palette PNG files.

Technical documentation

Palette files

2013-09-12 12:31

Attached are colour palettes recognized by OpenTTD for various graphics programmes.

For Photoshop and Gimp there are a TTD Windows Palette, a palette without special colours as well as a safe palette with company colours.

Prodedure for conversion to a palette:

Colour picking image

2011-09-13 12:33

Image containing the Windows palette suitable for colour-picking.

Credits to Purno as it's basically the thing from his tutorial but enlarged and the whites sorted.

Sprite moving tool

2009-08-14 16:17

A small tool to help updating the NFO if you move a block of sprites in a pcx file; allows to relatively change the xpos and ypos of real sprites. Available at: Source available on request.

Photoshop Action to Remove Pure White Pixels from Sprites

2009-08-16 21:19

Created with CS3, might or might not work on older versions of Photoshop.

To install: Open Photoshop and locate the Actions Pane. In the upper right corner of the Actions Pane click the little down-pointing arrow with the three lines next to it. Select Load Actions... and locate the .atn file and finish the import.

graphic template files

2010-11-15 19:39

graphics templates to ease drawing sprites with an easy-to-use colouring to not miss dimensions.

Proposals for NFO version 8

2010-04-04 12:27

A collection of ideas gatherd in the forums and on IRC relating to the improvement and further development of NFO towards version 8.

NML syntax highlighter for Notepad++

2013-01-21 09:32

You can use this extension to get syntax highlighting in NML with Notepad++.
  1. Select View->User Defined Dialogue.
  2. Click on Import and select attached the nml.xml file.
  3. Restart Notepad++. By default all files with pnml or nml extensions are highlighted by this extension.

Syntax list script for NML

2011-09-13 14:11

This bash script creates two lists of NML special words. These lists can then be used to create syntax highlighters for NML. The script must be run in a folder that contains a "nml" folder with the nml repository.

NML syntax highlighter for Geany

2012-05-26 10:37

You can use this extension to get syntax highlighting in NML with Geany.

Note: This requires Geany 0.20 or newer.

1. In Geany, use the Tools->Configuration Files->filetype_extensions.conf menu item.

2. Add the following line, just above the "None" line (it is the last one): "NML=*.pnml;*.nml;"

NML Syntax highlighter for Kate

2013-03-11 17:26

You need to link this syntax highlighting file to your kate's syntax directory which
usually is found in /usr/share/kde4/apps/katepart/syntax
It probably works from kate 3.5 onward, maybe from 2.4 and later.