"Heavy Equipment" road vehicle set

I like big trucks and I thought it would be nice to have some for OpenTTD, so I created the Heavy Equipment Set (HEQS).

What did I include for v0.5e?
- Nine enormous dump trucks (first one available around 1955)
- Two awesome log trucks (available around 1972)
- Ten powerful tractors and bulldozers (first one available around 1937)

HEQS 0.5e has vehicles in a range of sizes from 19t to 252t.

Great for many kinds of routes...especially short deliveries, or feeder routes transferring to trains or ships. Frequent service using road vehicles can also help get good station ratings!

They look good too :) HEQS mostly uses the second company colour, so different colours can be used for 'normal' road vehicles and HEQS.

HEQS is compatible with most industry sets and cargos, including default industries, FIRS, PBI and ECS.

For a fun game, try HEQS alongside eGRVTS (enable multiple newgrf engine sets in the advanced settings menu).

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Manager: andythenorth, Eddi
Developer: Eddi, planetmaker, Terkhen