Grapes - The extendable bot


OpenTTD recently introduced another network socket in order to provide an interface for other programs to hook into a server and get hold of information.
Grapes is a simple Bot which, on it's own, does nothing apart from connecting to an OpenTTD server on this very network (handled by the Project Joan).
It provide a well defined SPI for Plugins to extend its functionality. This allows the developers of Grapes to focus on the extendability of the Project itself.

Grapes itself is light weight and its complexity falls and rises with the Plugins installed.
It provides easy configuration in the ini file format, which also allows for each Plugin to have it's one configuration section and child sections.

The Next Steps


Running Grapes is actually a simple task. Once you have Java installed all you need is a single command.


Grapes will help you with its configuration. Starting Grapes with an emtpy config file and Grapes will populate it with all the default values.


Feel free to help out and create your own Plugins. Grapes is designed to provide many Extention possibilities.